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Please read the information on this page carefully and completely. Signing up for lessons with ThomaStudios constitutes a tacit agreement to this policy.

piano keyboardBecause ThomaStudios specializes in giving private piano lessons in your home, special consideration is necessary when dealing with the cancelation or rescheduling of a lesson. Any cancelation or rescheduling must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time.  This also applies to any change to the scheduled lesson time.  The full lesson price is charged if these time constraints are not met. Lesson 'no-shows' are treated the same under this policy. I'm sorry, but there are no exceptions, including sudden illness.

I realize situations do arise without warning that impact a scheduled lesson, and often you have no control over the cause. For example, waking up ill the day of the lesson. But, this policy is in place to protect one of my most valuable assets: my time. A last minute change or cancelation, i.e. the day of the lesson, affects not only the actual lesson time, but also the travel time on either side of the lesson. In some cases, this can be as much as 15 minutes or more. This means a single cancelation can create up to a full hour of wasted time for a half-hour lesson. I run lessons back to back with only the necessary travel time in between. Since my schedule can carry upwards to nearly 50 students a week, this is the only way I can maintain the schedule efficiently. Additionally, I frequently receive requests to adjust a lesson time due to upcoming conflicts in students' schedules. Having a 24-hour lead time allows me the flexibility to reschedule these requests.

ThomaStudios is completely email and text-literate as well. Lessons can be rescheduled and canceled via email or text message; but the same time constraints apply. Please give me the 24-hour lead time requested.

I ask that all students and parents agree to and respect this policy.
J D Thomas

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