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A little bit of self-history here

I've been an avid do-it-yourselfer for pretty much my entire life. It began when I started helping my father do things around the house. I was the youngest of three children and ultimately the only one left at home. On Saturdays my Dad would come into the kitchen while I was having breakfast and say "good, you're up. I need you to stick around and help me today". That was usually met with avid, vocal resistance on my part. One day, Dad lit into me big time, saying I never wanted to help him, I was the only one left at home, yada-yada... It wasn't a pretty sight. But I was merely a gopher. "Go get this… hand me that… hold this… go tell your Mother such-and-such…" It got old pretty quickly.

One day I finally mustered a reasonably well thought out retort: "I don't like being a gopher! I never get to do anything!" After that, it all changed. He started showing how to do things and, as time went on, he even started asking for my opinion or advice. Pretty cool.

So my attitude has pretty much always been 'I can do that'. And, for the most part, I can. Often, better than someone I would hire to do it. So when the time came to find some nice equipment racks and tables for my fledgling music studio work, it didn't take me very long to realize I should just make them myself.

Thus woodworking started to become my hobby, my obsession, and my route to inner sanity, although sanity is pretty overrated if you ask me!

mortise and chisel dovetailed drawer =

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