Info - Private Piano Lessons

Please note: currently lessons in your home are only available in West Linn and Lake Oswego.

Contacting ThomaStudios

Phone: 503.656.6952

During the week, the best times to call are mornings and early afternoons, usually before 2:00 pm. After that, JD is usually out teaching until well into the evenings. You can also call anytime on the weekends.


Local references are gladly given upon request. You must call however. References are not given out via email or text.

Reviews / Testimonials

To read what past and present parents and students have to say about ThomaStudios' lessons, visit the Reviews / Testimonials page.


Online Form

You can fill out the online form here on the site and JD will contact you directly.

About Scheduling Lessons

Lessons in the home are scheduled weekly. It is not possible to schedule a bi-weekly (every other week) or less frequent lesson in the home. This is due to scheduling difficulties for the alternate week (the week without a lesson). That opening, coupled with the travel time on either side of the lesson, would make it impractical and impossible to manage scheduled times efficiently. Since lessons are scheduled with only the necessary travel time between them, anything other than weekly is not possible.

Lessons can be scheduled less frequently, but they would take place at ThomaStudios in West Linn. Also, prospective students outside of the West Linn or Lake Oswego areas can inquire about lessons at ThomaStudios. Please call or email for more specific information.

Another Word About Scheduling

One request is asked when you consider scheduling lessons: try to be as flexible as possible. The weekly lesson schedule tends to run more or less the same each week. There are the inevitable changes that occur with everyone, but by and large things stay pretty constant week to week. Occasionally someone will say they can only do a lesson on a certain day and at a certain time, with little or no wiggle room on their end. This can create a situation where scheduling is extemely difficult, and frequently just not possible nor practical. Each day of the schedule tries to focus on a specific local area to keep travel times between lessons manageable. Please keep this in mind.

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