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Prep Levels A thru F

Levels 3 thru 6

Did you lose or misplace your handout? Did your dog eat it? Or maybe a younger brother or sister decided to use it for their next great work of art! Fear not. This is the place to get another one.

Use the Resource Navigator Menu on the left (or top, depending on your screen size) to locate your level, then click once on the title. Levels are color-coded to match the cover on the books. Depending on file size and your connection speed, you should see the file displayed on your screen once it downloads. You may then print the file or save it to your hard drive or device.

All of the files on this page are PDF files (Portable Document Format). They are cross-platform so PC and Mac users alike may access them. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent to view and/or print them. In all probability the proper plug-in or app helper is already installed on your system.

Please note when printing: some of the files in Prep A and Prep B are to be printed in landscape mode. Double check your Page Setup before printing to be sure your printer settings correspond to the file. PDFs do NOT always inherit page layout characteristics from the parent application.

Please email should you encounter any problems you can't handle, like broken links, etc.

level A bullet Prep A
A Little Smile C for Cat / G for Girl Candy Shopping
Carousel Come Fly With Me I Can Do It
I Like You Mary Had a Little Lamb Music Box
Now I've Done It Song of Joy  
level B bullet Prep B return to top
Calendar Song Chopsticks Anyone Clowns (C position)
Clowns (G position) I'm a Puppet If I Won Ten Million Dollars
Music Makes Me Glad My Big Bass Drum My Robot (C position)
My Robot (G position) Our Team Penguins on Parade
Play a Little Samba Play a Simple Tune-one hand Play a Simple Tune-two hands
Popcorn Popping Rock Anywhere See You Later
Si, Si, Si Television (C position) Television (G position)
Tons of Fun    
level C bullet Prep C return to top
The Bus Song The Elephant & the Flea (C position) The Elephant & the Flea (G position)
Friendship (C position) Friendship (G position) A Little Prelude
My Bubble Gum Song My Garden Rock On
Say Cheese (C position) Say Cheese (G position) Silent Forest
Sonatina Springtime Symphony (LH 8vb) Springtime Symphony
A Strange Story (LH 8vb) A Strange Story Tambourine Dance (C position)
Tambourine Dance (G position) Willie & Tillie  
level D bullet Prep D return to top
Andy the Android (C position) Andy the Android (G position) A Concert Waltz
Freight Train French Lullaby The Greatest Show on Earth
I'm a Winner (C position) I'm a Winner (G position) The Inspector General
A Little Swingin' Song A Mystery Story Rings of Saturn
Sonatina Spanish Dancer Will You, Won't You (C position)
Will You, Won't You (G position)    
level E bullet Prep E return to top
18th Century Dance The Bell Song Come & Dance
Etude in C Fantastic Dance Galway Piper
Music Machine New Sounds  
Nocturne Play With All Your Heart Polka in G
Rockin' On (C position) Rockin' On (G position) Samba Time
Swiss Melody    
level F bullet Prep F return to top
Bouree Choucone Clementine
Divertimento in D Divertimento in G Freight Train
Hoe Down Lazy Morning Look I'm Dancin'
Oh Susannah (C) Oh Susannah (D) Pizzicato in D
Sarasponda A Sentimental Song A Syncopated Song
Tango in D Under the Stars Wash-Day Boogie
level 3 bullet Level 3 return to top
Alpine Melody Alpine Polka Casey Jones
Chiapanecas Circus March A Country Song
A Day in Vienna Fandango Furiant A minor
Furiant D minor Greensleeves Gypsy Baron
Intermezzo Introduction & Dance Jericho
La Raspa Light & Blue Marines Hymn
Overture from Raymond Prelude in 18th Century Style Puppet Dance
Raisins & Almonds Roman Holiday Scarborough Fair
Scherzo Spanish Dance Teapot Gavotte
Village Dance Waltz Pantomime  
level 4 bullet Level 4 return to top
Amazing Grace An Ancient Dance Comedian's Dance
Forest Green Glow Worm Gypsy Dance
Haunted House He's Got the Whole World in His Hands House of the Rising Sun
Irish Wedding Dance La Donna e Mobile Lullaby
Magic Piper Musette Night Song
Olympic Procession Pomp & Circumstance Prelude in A minor
Sakura Sloop John B. Spinning Wheel
Tarantella Waltz in Gm Waves of the Danube
level 5 bullet Level 5 return to top
Adagio in A Major An American Hymn Aria from Marriage of Figaro
Bagatelle Ballade Beethoven Sonatina in G
Brazilian Holiday Chopin Prelude #7 - A Major Chromatic Polka
Come Back to Sorrento Ecossaise The Entertainer
Etude in A Minor Ivan Sings Loch Lomond
Magic Carpet Ride Polonaise Prelude in C Minor
Rock a My Soul Sonata in the Style of Scarlatti Sonatina on Alouette
Spanish Dance Tailor's Song Tarantella Fantastica
Theme from Swan Lake Toccata in G minor Variations on a Sea Chanty
A Very Special Day    
level 6 bullet Level 6 return to top
Ay Ay Ay Barcarolle Blue Rondo
Canon in D Classy Rag Curious Story
Deep River Fascination Fur Elise
Hungarian Dance Jazz Ostinato in C# Minor Just a Good Old Tune
La Folia Laredo Mazurka in F# Minor
Menuet from French Suite-Bach Moonlight Sonata Music Machine
Prelude in C Major Prelude in D Minor Shenandoah
Solfeggio Theme 6th Symphony-Tchaikovsky Tocatta in D Minor
Waltz Impromptu Waltz in A Major  



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