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Arts & Crafts End Table

This table was inspired from an item in a catalog. The overall proportions were just about right. The main change was to adapt the height of the table to accomodate an existing sofa.

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  • Front angle
    This Arts & Crafts table is made entirely from quartersawn white oak, with the exception of the left side panel insert and the dividers that form the interior, recessed back, and bottom, which are all quartersawn white oak plywood.
  • Side angle
    All joinery is traditional mortise and tenon. The only mechanical fasteners are pocket-hole screws holding the bottom in place, screws to hold the top in place, and the screws for the hinges and pulls.
  • Side storage area
  • Front
    The front is supposed to look like three drawers when it's actually one door to the internal compartment. Eventually a twin unit will be built that will incorporate three separate drawers.
  • Front open
    Inner compartment with an ajustable shelf. Stop in upper left of the door opening is custom made with a rare earth magnet to hold the door closed.
  • Pull-out shelf-green
    Pull-out shelf. Green laminate insert framed in QSWO.
  • Pull-out shelf-black
    Pull-out shelf. Black laminate insert framed in QSWO. I couldn't decide which color I liked best, so I made it reversible.
  • Rear angle
    Rear storage for magazines, or whatever.
  • Rear angle
    Rear storage for magazines, or whatever.
  • Thru mortise closeup
    Thru-mortises at all four corners.
  • Side panel
    Side panel is a 1/2" QSWO plywood insert. Rails and stiles are 3/4" QSWO with traditional mortise and tenon joinery at the corners.
  • Top
    Top is solid 4/4 QSWO to give it a heftier look and feel. The catalog model was 3/4 and I thought it looked too light and kind of cheap. The chamfers on the side do not go all the way around; they're stopped.
  • Table in place
    Table in place in family room.
  • Table in place
    Table in place in family room.
mortise and chisel dovetailed drawer =

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